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Knee Operation

Hi my name is Jane and I am 33 years of age and live in Cape Town

I underwent surgery in April 2002, where an Arthroscopy procedure was performed on both my knees, simultaneously. This minor operation entailed scopes being inserted through three tiny holes (two below and one above) around each knee, in order to repair damaged cartilage. Having had the operation on a Tuesday morning, I was kept in hospital for the night to ensure no post-op complications.

My doctor, an Orthopaedic Surgeon, advised after the operation that I would need to rest for a week, ensuring that I avoided any possibly 'bending' in both knees. This was to make certain my knees were given some time to heal, especially as they were swollen from all the prodding and scraping that had taken place during the operation. He said after this time, I would then be required to start gentle exercises, to begin the process of bending my knees. I followed his instructions to the 'T' and after a week, I began to attempt to slowly bend my knees. I found my knees were locked into being straight and as I tried to bend them, excruciating pain followed. I left it for that day and decided to try again the next day. I woke up the following morning and attempted to slowly bend my knees and again, I found I couldn't. There was that excruciating pain again. I desperately continued to attempt to do my exercises daily until it was just under two weeks since having had the operation. I knew I needed help if I was to progress any further with my healing and called on Alan Davie, an Energy Healer, whom I had heard had helped people who were suffering from pain and illnesses.

Alan came to visit me at my home, sat in a chair opposite me and whilst having a conversation, lifted his hands and began his healing treatment. Confused at this action (I thought he would have to place his hands directly on my knees for healing to take place), I questioned Alan as to what was entailed for him to perform his healing. He assured that my concerns were valid but would not need to do anything, as he would be directing the healing energy within him to the area of my knees. After about half and hour (we continued to chat) he said he had finished and that he could pick up trauma in my knees. Concerned that I was not feeling the effects immediately, I asked him when I would be able to attempt to bend my knees. He advised that I should continue throughout the day but not to be too hasty as healing affects people differently.

I tried for the rest of that day to bend my knees but to no avail. That night I went to sleep worried that the treatment had not been effective. The next morning I awoke and as I moved my one leg, I began to feel my one knee bending. I then consciously tried to bend both knees and found that they were both bending up to approximately 30 degrees. I got up and found I no longer needed my crutches to walk and that I could walk without any aid.

Although sceptical at first as to whether the treatment I received from Alan would work, I realised the day I could bend my knees that in fact his healing treatment had actually worked and have continuously called on Alan since then wherever I've required treatment for ailments or illnesses.


Sports Injury

Original Letter

I initially met Alan through some friends and later worked with him as a waiter, but only became aware of his healing abilities after suffering discomfort or injuries myself.

Alan has "Worked" on me on two separate occasions, both times sorting out the problem within an hour.

On the first occasion, we were sitting in a café after work discussing what happened during the day when alan asked me if I was suffering form back pain. I told him that I was suffering form lower back pain, and that it is a regular occurrence, especially after a long shift. He said nothing more and we carried on chatting. After approximately an hour Alan asked me how my back felt. There was no pain or discomfort, I had not even noticed it disappear. When I asked how he knew that the pain had gone, he responded by telling me that he had "Been Working" on me over the last hour. All I know is that the discomfort disappeared and has not come back.

The second occasion when Alan needed to "fix" me was after I had suffered a sport injury whilst playing hockey. I had damaged my right knee during a hockey match. The next morning I was hardly able to move and could not support any weight on my right leg. Knowing that a conventional doctor would simply prescribe anti-inflammatories and painkillers, I phoned Alan to see if he would be able to sort out the problem. When he arrived at my flat a few hours later, I needed support to be able to answer the door and let him in. Alan spent an hour working on me after which I was able to walk with him unaided back to his car. Prior to him coming round, I was basically bed bound and was unable to even straighten my leg, never mind walk on it. I was back on the hockey field within a week of the incident and have just completed a full season of hockey in one of the senior leagues, my knee has not once given me any problems.

On both the occasions that Alan has "Worked" on me, he has never touched or layed a hand on my person. The treatment has always been totally painless and has sorted out the problem on both occasions. The more important fact to me as a sportsman is that the injuries have never re-occurred and I've never had to go back for treatment on those areas that he has "Fixed".

Gordon Flood


Distance Healing

Tanya Smallman - Johannesburg
My first experience with Alan was absolutely mind blowing to say the least. I had first heard about Alan and the kind of work he does through his sister, who is a close friend of mine. She always told me about the healing work that he does and his amazing abilities to heal and connect with those who have passed on. Naturally, every time I saw his sister, I was always very curious to learn what else ha had done. Then when Alan cam up to JHB to visit, I could not wait to meet him.

I had the opportunity to meet him the following evening. We sat and chatted for a while and all of a sudden he looked min in the eye and said "You have a question with a 101 answers, what is the question". This is how my experience began. He went on to connect with my mom who had a message for me. Thanks to Alan and his mentoring, I have learned to let go, and still am of the anger and resentment that I have held for the past 17 years since she passed. I have been a much happier person since. Alan also did some healing work on my hernia (which he told me was caused by the resentment), for which I was taking cronic medication daily. I am now only taking medication when really needed and that's only about every 4th or 5th day.

Alan also spoke to my brother (on the phone) who lives in Australia and also connected with my mom. He relayed a message that I was not sure about. She apologised for a beating with a stick she had given him when he was a young child, and said that it was not his fault she took out her anger on him. When I spoke to my brother later that day he was speechless. He remembers receiving a beatitude for no reason at all. He also picked up that my brother had a problem with his eyesight and advised him to have them checked and to have his blood sugar levels checked, which he has done. As it turns out I am the one with the blood sugar problem. He connected with my dad who he says has "Moved On", as he had no unfinished business here and that I will have an "experience" with a small child, and when this happens to know that my dad has reincarnated.

He has an amazing ability to connect with those that have passed and to predict what is going to happen in the future. I had an incident where a client's son was hijacked, his bag found on the side of the road and tracker unable to track the vehicle. I called Alan and he told me that he had been bashed on the head but was okay and that the vehicle had possibly been in an accident. Once I had this information I called my client back who had just that very second put the phone down to the police to tell him that his son had been found and was alive, although the vehicle had not been found.

I had an incident a few weeks ago where I had an entity hanging around my front door and entrance hall area. Alan's sister picked up on it immediately when she visited me. I had endless problems with my house alarm going off during the night, a tap left running, my vehicle windscreen wipers going and indicators flashing when I turned the car on. The fuel gauge had also been tampered with as I had filled up with fuel the previous evening and that morning showed that the tank was on half. I called Alan (in Cape Town) who immediately channelled in and said that it was a malicious entity, but unknown to me. He picked up that it was hanging around the entrance hall area and advised me to clean the area with salt water,burn incense and candles. I did this but still the entity would not leave, and continued to crate havoc in the house. I was rather rattled by that stage and contacted Alan once again. He then personally intervened. Just to put my mind at ease I contacted the alarm company to check the alarm system out, but they found absolutely nothing faulty. I have had no further problems since then! That same day I was really not feeling well with headache and nausea. At around 2pm I all of a sudden felt much better and got up and ate for the first time that day without being nauseous. Later that evening when his sister arrived at my place she said that she had called Alan to sort me out, she spoke to him at 2pm!

Alan has an amazing ability to channel into the afterlife and relay messages as he receives them, whether it's what you want to hear or not. His energy healing is awesome to experience, and ability to read your mind, well mind-blowing, as I learned. I think that I had a slight element of doubt when I heard about these amazing abilities until I experienced it first hand. It has changed my whole outlook on life and I am a much happier, contented person for it.

Alan is an amazing and wonderful person.

Tanya Smallman



Original Letter

Marnelle, mother of two, housewife, qualified primary school teacher and reflexologist.

I met Alan through a mutual friend. She brought him around to have a look at my son who suffers from allergies and eczema. I felt a bit apprehensive, wondering whether I would feel comfortable entrusting my children to him, whether I would like him and be able to share my experiences with him. Since then I've learnt so much from him. He is easy to talk to and understanding and caring. He cleared Jacques liver, which improved his skin condition within a day. He was also calmer and more content. His previously extended tummy was flat and he gave me advice on his diet. He balanced my chakras (due to stress and worry completely out of line at the time) and removed a small growth from my face.

The energy healing he uses is very effective. It does not entail any physical contact. Negative energy is taken away by using one hand and positive energy replaced using the other. This results in no tiredness to the client, rather a surge in energy. It also means that healing can effectively take place over long distances. (absent healing)

Maybe difficult to understand, but a gift not to be scared of.


Back Ache


My name is Cathy X and I visited Alan for the first time, on my husband's urging, in late 2002. I am interested in metaphysics, but have difficulty with concepts such as "faith healing" and "energy healing" so I went as a doubter.

In 1998 I had an operation for two slipped disks at the base of the spine. This was a 6.5 hour operation, resulting in me having to spend 4 weeks thereafter either walking or lying, as I could not sit. I had to manage my back regularly -resting at least one week in each month as the muscles would turn to a solid "slab" which effectively stopped movement. I had to ensure that every chair I sat on was a superbly supportive chair (very difficult to find) - because if I didn't, my back would return to its muscle slab state and I would be off work again for another week. My children knew me as someone who spent most of each weekend lying down and they did not know that I could run or play.

Then, during the early part of 2002 I received a rather severe blow to the head that caused concussion and left continuous pain and pressure inside my head. This resulted in memory loss and inability to think clearly. As I have a job that requires extremely clear thinking and planning, this injury began to threaten my ability to support my family.

When I went to see Alan, I didn't quite know what to expect - I am shy so I was concerned that I needed to remove my clothing or have him massage me, which worried me. However, I found myself sitting opposite him in a calm room, with lovely essential oils burning and we just chatted. He began by checking all my energy points and locating my problems (he found a few more than my back and concussion - some internal issues which he resolved). He spent about 1.5 hours working on me and I could see and feel the effort he had to make to resolve the problems. I spontaneously burst into tears and he told me that I needed to cry, to get it all out, and that I was crying because he had opened up the flows within me, thus preventing me from holding on to old wounds and old sadness. As he worked I felt the pain lifting in my head, the pressure left and I could think clearly, without a headache!! When he was working on my back, I found the urge to stretch and flex my muscles into positions I hadn't held in many years. When it was all done, he was glowing like someone had polished him with an apricot halo. I was concerned about him as I saw the effort that he had to make to extract the injuries from me, but he told me that he was meant to work and that working made him feel better - and perhaps that explained the marvellous glow that emanated from him after he had finished. He told me that I needed to give my body three days to adjust to the changes before we could tell whether I needed to see him again - but he was adamant that he should have addressed all the issues and that I would not need another session. After three days I found out that he was right - my back and my head were fixed!!! This was great for me, as I really enjoy fun rides and had never been able to ride any of the Ratanga rides with my children after my back operation. Well, that weekend I went to Ratanga and have the photo's of all the hair-raising rides to prove to myself, my family and others that I am fixed!

As a doubter, my body tried to fight Alan's healing and he picked it up. He told me that I could fight him, but that I could not fight the healing - doesn't matter how hard I tried. This turned out to be true - whether a person wants to or not, the body is healed when Alan works on it. This first visit to Alan caused me to re-evaluate the concept of "energy healing" (as distinct and separate from "faith healing" - which I still don't believe in) and came to realise that even though I may not understand it, it works. And it works in far less traumatic ways than traditional medicine - and in much faster time frames than traditional medicine. Now, if anything is wrong with me I visit Alan first - because he can resolve a problem in one visit that a doctor may take a month to diagnose - and without all of the chemical poisoning of medication.

It could be said that Alan has freed me to live my life without fear and pain - whether I want to believe it or not!! I hope that Alan is the start of a whole new discipline in non-invasive healing techniques that free us to be who we are.


Entity Removal

Yes ....... was the one who recommended me to you. we wanted to do some spiritual work together and I told her a bit about myself and she recommended I visit you to get myself cleaned up before we did anything. Very funny!!!! And you were just the right guy to get rid of all the nasties…. ...... and I are bliss bunnies compared to you…

chat soon g