Entity Removal

I have found four major types of entities.

1. This is the type of entity that you encounter in a public place or it attaches itself to you in a place of low energy. Often they will hang out in bars, night clubs etc especially in drug dens or attached to addicts. The old terms a 'monkey on his back’ or ‘there is something riding him’ refer to this condition. They will often make you behave out of character. Or even make you do things that you did not intend to do. I use the example of the man that promises to come home sober and this is his clear intention. He does however still come home drunk and does not really have a logical explanation of how this has happened.

2. Next is an entity that has been 'called up' these are normally short and small. Throughout time societies have called them different names; gnomes, leprechauns and I like to call them gremlins. They tend to behave like a two-year old child in other words they play with stuff till it breaks. If your electrical appliances keep breaking or computer gives trouble but cannot get fixed you may have too many of these fellows hanging around.

3. One that causes much consternation is a sent or conjured entity the reason why this entity is difficult to deal with is because it does not have a thought process of its own. It has been conjured up or created for the express purpose of doing you harm. If it is not doing you harm it has no reason to exist therefore telling it to leave does not work. The only way to deal with this entity is to travel in the astral to its creator and convince him/her to take back its creation.

4. The thought form entity creates an interesting set of problems. To explain it I will tell a short story lets say a couple has relationship issues for a period of time and get to a point where they decide to go for counselling. In their counselling session all goes well and they are so happy they decide to go to dinner. This is a hit and they are getting along famously so they go back home. As they arrive home an argument starts and immediately they are back in their old pattern.

What has occurred is the energy of their combined anger has created a separate entity, which exists in the place where they are arguing. Each time they argue they actually feed this entity and it gets bigger and stronger, eventually the entity is causing the argument.

These entities can be removed by space clearing and harmony can be restored to your home. I have come across variations of all these entities but these various types do seem to cover most occurrences. Any or all of these entities can attach themselves to a person and in rare cases actually reside inside the person this makes them tricky to locate.

I have come across a case where a person actually acquired a particularly nasty entity by walking past someone in an airport terminal. If a person has a number of entities one or more of them may jump ship so to speak onto a new host. This is how a person supposedly living a clean life can suddenly acquire an entity and “go off the rails” so to speak.

In some cases people "playing" at casting spells are actually calling up entities and can very quickly create a home or neighbourhood full of entities. This is a dangerous practice if you don’t know what you are doing and sometimes even when you know what you are doing


Some are able to breed or duplicate themselves which can also aid in things going from bad to horrible fast.

I am going to stop scaring you now as I have many stories. If you suspect that you have entities around you there is a good chance you may be right.